Our Mission

At BRAVE Athletic Performance, our mission is to foster the development of elite hockey players. We are dedicated to helping athletes set goals, achieve them, and continue to grow through a high level training program. With over 10 years experience training high level hockey players, we work in small group sizes, with age appropriate training, helping kids get stronger, faster, and better everyday. Every element is finely tuned to not only refine your skills, but also propel your performance to new heights.

The 2024 BRAVE Summer program will feature:


28 Workouts + 2 BRAVE Workout Shirts
Price = $599 + HST


48 Workouts + 2 BRAVE Workout Shirts
Price = $999 + HST

Off-Ice Program

Under the guidance of Morgan McNeill, an NCCPT certified trainer, our athletes train 4 days a week, with the summer broken up over training phases. Phase 1: Stabilization Endurance, Phase 2: Strength Endurance, Phase 3: Muscular Development/Hypertrophy, Phase 4: Maximal Strength, Phase 5: Power. A big component of BRAVE is an emphasis on learning proper technique, and training in a detailed fashion.


Tailored specifically for hockey players and their respective positions, our off-ice sessions prioritize individualized attention in small-group sessions. Our training regimen is designed to unlock the full potential of every athlete.

Location & Schedule

The BRAVE program will be held during the summer months at the PLEX, in Slemon Park, PEI. Scheduled workouts will be morning based, however we can work around individual schedules as needed.

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